Half-Life: Alyx — Valve (2020)

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but here I intend to not rant about 2020 and how awful this year has been.

It doesn’t feel right when there are millions of families around the world who lost a loved one (or more) and have empty seats at their dinner tables because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, it mainly meant a year with less travelling and less social activities than usual and that is not comparable to what other human beings had to go through during the last 12 months.

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Here are some of the highlights of the games that kept me company during the last year, and it’s safe to say they probably kept me sane. I genuinely have no idea how people who don’t play games at all managed to keep sane!

With that said, what could be more appropriate to do than opening an article about what I have been playing this year, with a game that launched 3 years ago?

My picks from the major console / pc releases from the last two months!


After the quieter past months, now things are starting to really pick up.
We have seen a bunch of big AAA and high-quality indie games releasing in the last couple of months. I’ll be trying my best to select a handful of my personal picks and provide some guidance on this chaotic couple of months!

Here are my personal highlights: (Metacritic scores are, of course, subject to change over time)


Greedfall: The 10th of September saw the release of something quite special for a small European studio.
Spiders is an indie studio in France which has been known for…

The Music and Sounds behind some of the videogames I love

Microsoft Studios © / Moon Studios ©

Premise: This is NOT a Top 10 best soundtracks in videogames and therefore some examples that many, myself included, believe are great will still not appear in this article for no other reasons than the time/space limitations. I decided to focus more on recent titles and it will obviously miss some fan favourites even then. Please don’t think I hate Final Fantasy, Ocarina of Time or Chrono Trigger, thanks (or Dark Souls).
Aside from the subjectiveness of whether something is good or not, this is more of a reflection on how the soul of the game is portrayed in sounds.

Before I dive into the treacherous tales I’m about to narrate, I should clarify that it mostly relates to Western Europe type of Recruitment agencies. During the years I’ve come to know that recruiters in other parts of the world (North America mainly) work in very different ways, a topic for another day.

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Almost regardless of what industry you work in, at some point you probably have been…


In recent years, July and August have represented a bit of a nap time for the gaming industry, in terms of big releases. The publishers tend to focus their aim on the upcoming, colder, months and the inevitable link with the holidays season, in order to maximise sales.

However, the industry is changing. It’s now also true that the summer months are becoming more and more viable options for publishing houses to allocate their product release windows, probably due to the smaller amount of competition during these weeks but also because there are just so/too many games being released each…

Tom Pelini

Principal Recruiter @Studiotypes

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